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Are you serious? Some* dms are good and sometimes* they are professional.

West Side is like most of the other companies out there. If you don't kiss their butts and do everything they say, no matter how bad it hurts you and your family, they treat you like ***. And 900 miles for an entire week? Sending otr drivers on day cab runs?

Here's an sample of being a west side driver.. sent to Dickson TN to drop and hook, no empties... so sent me an hour to Nashville yard to get one... but didn't verify there was empties.

(this has happened 4 times in the past, no empty when sent to yard) So I get there, no empty. Of course. I get on qc to let them know. My dm says, oh another driver got last one just b4 you got there.

why were two drivers both sent for the last trailer? Planning is horrible. Next, they tell me shut down and next day go back to Dickson to get empty. I do.

That's 3- 45 min trips, for one empty. Wasting fuel must not be an issue. I'm due hometime just after this, I live in east TN. I'm in Nashville, due hometime the next day (they were told 2 weeks prior what day I was taking ht).

I'm less than 3 hours from my home. Then I get a preplan that says I have to go to AL, pick up a load and drive it to MO, then pick up one going to GA and i can take hometime after that. I wasnt happy. But i drive 125 miles to AL to get the load.

At arrival, i am told that there is no load to pick up bcuz it was supposed to pick up a week earlier. My DM sent me 125 miles for a load that was no longer available. Poor planning, never even verified load. I send qc message.

Told them I was asked to leave, due to no load, please advise. I got no reply for almost 3 hours. I had went to closest truck stop, was full. So I sent qc messages to ask where, or what direction they wanted me to go.

Bcuz doing stuff without permission, they take ur pay guarantee. After hours of no reply, I made the choice to find the closest truck stop in any direction. When I get to that pilot, and doing post trip, finally get a message saying "sorry, we are busy, find a safe place and shut dwn". I'm sorry but your job is to answer those messages and 2-3 hours is more than being busy.

It's rude, inconsiderate and laziness. I shut down, now 81 miles from home, with hometime due the next day. The next day, I send message early about 8am, asking about a load. It's 10am before dm says "I'm working on it".

They end up sending me the 81 miles home, empty. Saying they will have a load for me Monday morning at 8am, be ready to go. I was ready, but No load until Tuesday afternoon. DM Said HAD TO be picked up by 12 noon Tuesday.

I get there 10 min to 12. Shipper says load is not scheduled to be picked up until 3pm. Really? So I sit 3 more hours and wait.

Then payday comes, I expect that $1,100 guarantee, the recruiter will tell you 5 days on duty you get it. Every week. Allows for home time. TRUTH IS in Jan 2016, they changed it to 7 days for anyone that's not a "new hire".

Meaning if you take hometime to be with your family, the company punishes you by NOT PAYING YOU. Figure 900 miles that week at .38, take out taxes, divide that by a family of 7 that does not get ANY welfare and see why that's bs. So bcuz I go home to see my FAMILY I lose my pay guarantee. So ur looking at $342 BEFORE tax, for a WEEK of otr driving.

Fast food places pay more and your home every night!! So you ppl saying that family matters to West Side, what a joke. They punish you if you go home. That's the truth.

And yes I have PHOTO PROOF OF QC MESSAGES TO PROVE EVERYTHING I'VE SAID HERE TODAY. You drivers saying West Side is a "great" place to work, 10 to 1, you don't take hometime, you do anything they say no matter if it's wrong or unsafe, or if it gets you home late. Maybe you don't have families. Or just bcuz someone in ur family is in the hospital, they let you go home, you think that's awesome.

Truth is, that's not doing you a favor or being *nice* it's not even caring about you and your family. It's keeping a driver in a industry hurting for LONG TERM drivers and keeping WS from getting sued for firing you for going home for a medical emergency. If West Side CARED about anyone other than West Side, DRIVERS WOULD NOT BE PUNISHED FOR TAKING HOMETIME!!!!!! Maybe there are a few ppl treated in a way that they are supposed to be treated.

But don't expect the same treatment as their few "pet" drivers. I do my job. I'm not lazy. I am clean, respectful, kind, do what I'm told and I try to never complain or "make waves".

I try to do my job in a very professional way. I am respectful to other drivers, with my company and others. I have no accidents/no tickets/no record/no criminal or misdemeanors of any kind. A perfect CSA score.

I am a safety minded driver. I am a good employee with a family I need to provide for. I'm willing to work and do what my employer needs of me. That said, I expect to be treated with respect, honesty and fairness and while you may not care a bit for my family WS, understand that I do.

A driver should not be PUNISHED for seeing their families. Changing a pay guarantee from 5 days on duty to a required 7, is a sure way to show your drivers what you really care about. Sure isn't them or their families. Any driver that wants to defend it, go ahead.

Please explain how this shows a "good" company? Also got QC message stating they can take guarantee for "poor use of time". Anything you do that they can claim "poor use of time/hours" they can take ur check. It's a loop hole.

Meaning if you get low miles, they will find some way, not to pay you that guarantee. maybe ur 30 min break was 45 bcuz you were sick.. they take pay. To bad.

They dont care. Not saying they would but they CAN. Also, oversleep? More than 10 hour break?

Can take guarantee for that too. The truth... They guarantee to pay you what they feel like paying. You can't count on it, and you can't depend on it..Bcuz they have about a million reasons, that they can take how is it a guarantee?

I just want to do a great job for my company, see my family 52 days a year, and get my $1,100 pay guarantee EVERY week, even if i see my family. Thats all Im asking. Between poor planning, dms that think they are better than you, 2-3 hour wait on QC replies, late hometimes, sitting when you should be moving, running back and forth for empties bcuz they can't verify one, going to pick up loads that are no longer available, and that joke of a pay guarantee they can take for any reason including seeing your family, what is it that makes West Side such a good company to you? We see our families 52 days a year...

why take our pay for that? You get over 300 days...

they only get 52. Thank you.

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Summarized my experience at West Side. Thanks

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