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after signing on with this company as a company regional driver. tim whitney ( safety director ) tried to create a false criminal backround about me even after i gave proof that i had a clean history.

After complaining to other managers i was given dispatches to garbage dumps and short trips. Also beware that this company will force you to pick up people @ truck stops against your will. there is no one who will take your side no matter how good your mvr / skills are ! its their way or the highway.

Driver mgrs. will also lie to you about home time.

If you choose to ignore all this ? i wish you the best of luck

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100% agree with the negative reviews here. West Side likes to put on a pretty face, but watch your back when you turn around.

That knife might be hard to pull out.


West Side Recruiter

Jan 20 2016

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Josie says: My name is Josie how can I help you? I say: Hello...

one of your recruiters was telling me about your pay guarantee the other day and I had another question. He said one of the five requirements was that you have to be availiable for dispatch 5 days in a pay period to qualify..... but I was recently told by one of your drivers, that after you get hired, I think after 3 months he said, than the five day requirement changes to a 7 day requirement. And that if drivers take hometime, they don't get the pay guarantee.

So I just wanted to know if that was a lie, or if West Side Transport punishes drivers for taking hometime, by not honoring the pay guarantee on hometime weeks for drivers who stay with the company. Thank you for clearing this up for me... Josie says: The driver you spoke with was not correct. We have no such 7 day rule.

I say: Ok. So it is 5 days regardless of how long you work for west side? Josie says:   This is correct. I say:   I appreciate you clearing this up.

Josie says:   No problem! I say:   It seemed strange when he said it goes to 7 days after 3 months. Josie says:   That is very odd. I say:   If I have further questions I will contact you.

Thank you very much. Josie says:   You are very welcome! Have a great day! WEST SIDE QUALCOMM -message to all drivers- Jan 6, 2016 Message on Qualcomm.

Jan 6th. Informs drivers that pay guarantee requires on duty, available for dispatch, 7 days in a pay period of 7 days to get a pay guarantee. Jan 6 Qualcomm tells drivers 7 days or no pay!! Jan 20 recruiters still telling ppl that rule does not exist!!

Get you in the door, happy with pay, 3 months later, you take hometime (like you have been all along) and you don't get paid!! What a way to rip ppl off.

And straight out lies are the foundation of your employment so apply at ur own risk. This is just ONE example.


Don't listen to these guys these people take care of the drivers and it the best job you will ever had it all in what u make of it im glad I came here cuz pay home time and respect is what I get out of this I feel like family with this co we got few driver who worked over 20 years here and I did ignore ur comment and the best choice I ever mad westside is the best side God bless

to Krazy j Dayton, Ohio, United States #952007

LMAO your name says it all. no reply needed

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